Kristin A. Dohn

Unapologetically passionate digital strategist.


What I do

Digital strategy and web development

Full website strategy and implementation with experience leading teams for major federal organizations and smaller group level websites. I work through interviews with stakeholders to assess and development system and business requirements that help ensure the right system is built and implemented. I also work to discover financial and time restrictions that may affect the scope and budget for major development projects, and work through any nuances or conflicts between various user groups and stakeholders.

Marketing and project management

From running a marketing department and creative team to taking on projects solo, each task is thought out and planned. When issues arise, quick thinking and flexible management always keep the goal in mind.

Brand development

There is nothing more rewarding than finding that unique way to represent a brand. From leading creatives through the process of color scheme selection, symbolism and strategy, and logo development to guiding teams through social presence, tone, and personality—it all comes together to form the brand persona.

Creative direction

Whether a project calls for a full advertising campaign or a single poster, each piece is meticulously scrutinized for use of color, type, emotion, and target. By leading team members through goal refinement, audience selection, and strategy development, to building out effective creative assets.

About me

Céad míle fáilte!

That means a "hundred thousand welcomes" in Irish Gaelic. I am an American of Irish and Ukrainian descent.

Fun fact: I used to be a competitive gymnast and was raised in the suburbs outside New York City.

I am direct, but flexible and reasonable. I have three children, each of which was born in a different country. We moved back to the U.S. after living in Germany, Italy, and Japan from 2004 - 2014.

I love a good challenge, laughing, beer, hockey, and football.

I also really love coffee.

A lot.

"  Life begins after coffee!  "

I was in the army. (HOOAH EOD!)

I have an engineering degree from Villanova University and a masters in Technology Management from Georgetown University.

I am happy to work towards solutions with anyone from a timid client to a military general. I thoroughly enjoy getting staff engaged and lightening the mood when stress takes over.