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"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet." - Roger Miller? Bob Marley?

Not sure who gets the credit, but it's completely true... FEEL THE RAIN!

What I do

Please check out my portfolio page for examples of work

Marketing and Project Management

From running a marketing department and creative team, to taking on projects solo, each task is thought out and planned. When issues arise, quick thinking and flexible management always keep the goal in mind.


products range from brochures to full magazine design, the puzzle pieces find their place through careful manipulation and theme application. By making and breaking the grid I find engaging ways to bring the reader through from cover to cover.

Illustration & Photography

While I jokingly tell colleagues that I die a little on the inside when asked to use stock imagery, I do sometimes use it when time does not allow for photo shoots or full illustration. When time is on my side, I let my imagination run wild and snap or draw away.


There is nothing more rewarding then finding that unique way to combine imagery and type into a logo design that truly speaks. I find it to be the most challenging but, by far my favorite part of design.

Graphic Design

Whether a project calls for a full advertising campaign or a single poster, each piece is meticulously scrutinized for use of color, type, emotion, and target.

Web Design

By utilizing fresh graphics and clean CSS, websites are given personality while maintaining accessibility and intuitive content organization.